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My Girl

By Anna Nemetz and Allison Snyder

It’s 2007. Pink Ugg boots are in, and juicy tracksuits are…even more in. Best friends Wallis and Zoe gear up for the biggest events of their lives: being bat mitzvah’ed and the 7th grade talent show.  My Girl follows the two best friends on their journey through the ups and downs of friendship, as the girls grow up and out.

Produced and created by The Wickies (Lana Richards, Anna Nemetz, and Allison Snyder), My Girl debuted in Crown Heights Brooklyn in 2018 and was produced again in 2019 at Dixon Place. 

My Girl_Dixon Place 04.jpg
My Girl_Dixon Place 03.jpg
My Girl_Dixon Place 02.jpg
My Girl_Dixon Place 01.jpg
My Girl_Dixon Place 05.jpg
My Girl 01.jpg
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